Silver Age Yoga

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Joanne Stark (Board Chair, acting Executive Director)

Joanne has been active with Silver Age Yoga since she joined the Board in 2009. She is a Registered Nurse and holds an MBA from San Diego State University. Her career has been spent at local start ups, such as Pyxis, Bridge Medical, and Asteres, where she has worked in the areas of Product Management, Design, and Marketing. Joanne is currently employed as a Payor Analyst at XIFIN, Inc., an innovative software and services company dedicated to optimizing the economics of healthcare. She loves taking yoga classes 3-4 times per week; she is not yet a yoga teacher, but it's on her bucket list.

Alan Schueler (Marketing Manager)

Alan is honored to be a part of the mission of Silver Age Yoga. He and his wife of 22 years have three children and are longtime practitioners of yoga. They own a yoga studio in North Park, San Diego, California.

Kemi Barnes (Administration)

Laird Broadfield (IT Minion)

Barbara Jenkins (Office Manager)

Our Founders

In 2003, Frank and Serpil Iszak recognized a need for a different type of yoga that would meet the special health needs of seniors. They designed an entirely new style of yoga. This yoga is based upon the principles of geriatric science emphasizing the health-enhancing benefits.

Our Board of Directors

Barbara Chenault-Miller, Tracy Myers, Cathy Spatuzzi, Bob Spindler, Joanne Stark, Sandy Watson, Butch Whitmore

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